Monday, April 20, 2009

Logopneumatika, Arise and Come Forth!

Yes, it has been months since my last post and for this, I won't apologize. I have been exceptionally busy this Spring, trying to balance being an Assistant Pastor (25 hrs/week), a Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) student at the VA Hospital in St. Louis (24 hrs/week), and, of course, a good husband. Needless to say, the ol' blog hasn't got much TLC in the mix.

I hope to change that as the CPE unit winds down and Summer approaches. So look for some new posts coming up. Next Fall, this hectic schedule should simplify as my efforts will become more singular. I found out last week that I have been awarded a one-year, full-time (paid!) residency in CPE at the VA Hospital in St. Louis. What does this mean for this lonely blog? Hopefully, the rearrangement of schedule will provide more time for reflection and construction of thought. I plan to use the blog for much of this "process education" (as CPE curriculum calls it).

Thanks for your patience. The Lord bless and keep you all.


Indubitably Mel said...

Congrats on the CPE residencey!!! :)

You forgot something in your current resume of duties: being a devoted daddy to Sir Kodi. :)

Miss you guys!!! Tell Abby I love her!

joe said...

and what about redeemer?

JR Harris said...

Redeemer will still have an assistant pastor, but he will be a bit more limited in his availability.